Where are macadamia nuts exported to?

The main destinations for Australian macadamia beans were China (46%), Japan (16%) and the United States of America (8%). The majority of nuts with shells were exported to China (79%), where consumers prefer products with shells. Swiss Gourmet could only buy a few packages a year, so the joint venture was mutually closed and Privamnuts, now independent, could sell freely on the open market, with Swiss Gourmet as its first customer. The Vietnamese Macadamia Association is requested to coordinate with the Ministry of Industry and Trade to research and forecast supply and demand in domestic and export markets in order to make appropriate adjustments in production.

Kenya is the third largest producer of macadamia nuts in the world, behind Australia and South Africa, with total exports of around 8,600 tons of grains per year. So I did some basic training, learned to check the quality of the nuts and started a small operation. Large-scale commercial macadamias products began in the 1880s in Hawaii, when Australian seeds were planted. Macadamia nuts from Vietnam have been exported to 21 countries and territories, including Thailand, Germany, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the Netherlands and the United States.

Mukundi maintains that cash flow is the biggest burden on the success of an operation: significant costs, such as buying raw nuts and building processing facilities, must be paid in advance, long before revenues are earned. According to this project, in order to develop markets for macadamia products, localities should create their macadamia trademark with geographical indication and, at the same time, carry out commercial promotion activities to introduce the products to domestic consumers. Once the nuts have been husked and shelled, around 1200 tons of exportable grains are obtained. Now, some companies are investing in modern technology to produce macadamia milk products, such as TH True Milk Joint Stock Company and Nutifood Company.

This website has been funded in part by Hort Innovation, using the macadamia research and development fee and contributions from the Australian Government. According to Mukundi's calculations, this makes Privamnuts the fourth largest of Kenya's roughly 10 top exporters of macadamia. One of the reasons walnuts are so expensive is because it takes at least three years for a tree to start producing nuts. Outside Australia, macadamias are produced commercially in Hawaii, South Africa, Brazil, Costa Rica, Kenya, Guatemala, New Zealand and Malawi, but currently macadamias account for less than 2 percent of the global nut market.

Australia is the world's leading producer of macadamia nuts, the only food crop native to Australia that has been developed and marketed internationally as a commercial food product.