What country sells the most macadamia nuts?

The United States is the largest consumer of macadamia nuts. The country's consumption ranges from 8,800 to 9,800 metric tons per year. Despite being a major producer, the United States is the largest importer. The state is also a major exporter of macadamia nuts, most of which represent an excess of domestic consumption.

Hawaii is the leading producer of macadamia in the U.S. In the United States, while Florida and California are minor producers. This study covers general information about the market for shelled macadamia nuts in Europe that is of interest to producers in developing countries. Large-scale commercial macadamias products began in the 1880s in Hawaii, when Australian seeds were planted.

Because flowering lasts several months, macadamia nuts ripen and fall to the ground for a long period of time, so they should be harvested regularly. Since macadamia nuts are not produced in Europe and their re-export outside Europe is negligible, total European consumption is almost equal to that of imports. It is expected that, in the medium and long term, China can become a major supplier of macadamia nuts to Germany and other European destinations. For research purposes, the 6-digit Harmonized Tariff System prefix is 080261 for fresh or dried macadamia nuts in shell and 080262 for fresh or dried unshelled macadamia nuts.

This comparison revealed that all Hawaiian macadamias share distinctive markers with a small group of wild trees in Gympie, suggesting that all of the state's modern crops were probably cloned from a single Australian tree. The HS code for shelled macadamia nuts is 080261, while the HS code for unshelled macadamia nuts (kernels) is 080262.With the increase in interest in vegan diets, the consumption of salty nuts (“healthy snacks”) and nut spreads (such as macadamia nut butter) is increasing. That's why they've asked potential local nut observers to get involved in identifying old, wild macadamia nut trees that could contain this missing genetic diversity. The world's oldest known cultivated macadamia nut tree, planted in 1858, still grows in Brisbane Botanic Gardens.

Demand for macadamia oil is leading the demand, as walnut oil is considered to be one of the best in the world. The growing demand for healthy snacks, combined with the need for a stable and sustainable supply, are the main driving forces behind the growing consumer interest in macadamia nuts in Europe. Australia, while still the world's leading exporter of macadamia nuts, is not the strongest supplier to the German market.