Is a macadamia nut farm profitable?

According to Oxfarm Organic Ltd, one acre of land will house 70 macadamia trees. This could cause a farmer, according to the current government, to set a minimum return of 70 Kenyan shillings per kilogram of nuts, up to 1,470,000 Kenyan shillings per acre if he harvested 80 kg per tree, depending on agricultural practices and favorable weather. In the primary harvest, which occurs 2 years after the seedlings are transplanted, the farmer will collect between 30 and 50 kg, taking into account the area of distribution and the attention given to the trees. Production will increase with each harvest.

One woman is firmly defending the macadamia nut in her community, and it's a tremendously good option for a business the size of an apple. Pickers or “cane nets” may be a good option for gardeners or those who are thinking of growing just a few trees, since they can be harvested by hand in one go, meaning producers don't need to be on site to pick nuts when they fall. They also sell bags of shredded macadamias at the Tauranga farmers market to people who make their own nut milk. In an area best known for its extensive ranches and avocado plantations, macadamias are becoming a popular and profitable alternative crop.

Macadamia belongs to the family Proteaceae and to the genus of four species of trees native to Australia. Last year, 3.2 billion reais worth of macadamia nuts were exported, almost 20% more than the previous year, according to figures from the South African Revenue Service. Due to the high competition for macadamia nuts from processing and sales companies, most companies offer farmers better costs. The resistance of macadamia to the cinnamon fungus, which currently destroys the root system of older avocados, which is common in the area, further fuels interest in walnuts.

He and his wife Chris planted macadamias on their Katikati property in the early 1990s as a means of diversifying their avocado and kiwi business. In addition, a minimum depth of 0.5 meters of friable and well-drained soil is essential for the successful commercial cultivation of macadamia in Kenya, New Zealand, India or in the world. Despite the fact that macadamia nuts are a profitable crop, many farmers do not receive most returns due to errors of omission and commission. His whanau, which took a step forward and took over during difficult times, is now actively involved in all aspects, from nurseries and orchards to the sale of trees and nuts.

The macadamia tree, native to Australia, was named after the director of the Royal Botanic Garden of Australia, Baron Ferdinand von Mueller. The countless pink flowers responsible for the area's tropical feel portend an excellent season in California for precious ivory-colored nuts. Other producers are pressing oil, infusing liquors and mixing nut milks, adding to a series of products that meet the requirements of paleo, gluten-free, raw, vegan and dairy-free diets, all trends that show no signs of abating. However, in the early 1990s, when Vanessa first discovered macadamias, no one knew much about the Australian nut.