Are macadamia nuts worth it?

But why are macadamia nuts so expensive? The main reason is the slow collection process. While there are ten species of macadamia trees, only 2 produce the expensive nuts, and it takes seven to 10 years for the trees to start producing nuts. Flowering trees originated in northeastern Australia, and Aboriginal Australians ate walnuts. They called the trees “Kindal Kindal”, but British colonists eventually renamed them macadamia, in honor of Dr.

Despite being native to Australia, macadamia trees were first cultivated commercially in Hawaii. On the contrary, it is best to peel the nuts immediately and air dry them or take them to the processor the next day. Macadamia nuts also contain plant compounds called flavonoids, which can fight cancer by destroying harmful free radicals in the body. Sales plummeted a little after that, but in the 1950s, Hawaii was producing macadamia treats for snack fans around the world, and major companies were making quite a bit of money with them.

In addition, macadamia trees can only grow in a limited range of environments or agro-ecology where conditions are right. Calorie for calorie, an ounce of French fries and an ounce of nuts are equivalent, but the protein and fiber in walnuts will keep you energized, full and focused. While other nut trees may exist in a relatively neutral climate, such as peanuts and almonds, macadamia nuts are a little more particular. The largest markets for macadamia nuts exported from South Africa are the United States, Europe and Asia.

Another study shows that nuts, such as macadamia nuts, help improve glycemic control in people with type 2 diabetes. And because trees take four to six months to bloom, all nuts ripen at different times of the year. Studies have shown that eating nuts, including macadamia nuts, can reduce risk factors for heart disease. To avoid losses caused by mold, germination and animal damage, macadamia nuts should be harvested at least every four weeks during rainy weather, although they don't need to be harvested as often during dry weather.

A person should look at the ingredients and choose types that contain only nuts and no added sugar, salt or oil. Its thick shell, which is often removed before sale, makes it difficult to distinguish ripe nuts from immature ones, making the harvesting process more laborious and expensive. Eating macadamia nuts instead of other foods that are high in fat or calories can provide benefits without adding calories or fat to your diet. Despite having other nuts as alternatives, macadamia nuts will always taste different because they have this unique flavor.